"Children remind you that the gift of life is just that: a gift.”

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Photo by Jake Lyell for ChildFund.

ChildFund International is a nonprofit organization that envisions a world where every child is free to live to their fullest potential, no matter where they’re from or what challenges they face.

Your support helps young people, like Malang, achieve their potential and positively impact others in their communities.

Malang received a sponsor through ChildFund when he was in primary school, which assisted his family with school fees and health expenses. After his sponsorship expired, he worked as a volunteer in his community, founding United Children and Youth Development Association, where he educates youth in ChildFund’s programs about the dangers of drug abuse.

“The camps and workshops I attended through ChildFund motivated me and instilled in me the spirit of volunteerism,” he says. “ChildFund has absolutely made a huge impact in my life.”

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