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Areas of Support

Become a global community partner with Nonghet, Laos...

…to provide access to clean water and sanitation, provide parenting support such as nutrition education, and transform contaminated and dangerous lands into places for children to learn, play, and create a brighter future. Contact us for details about how you can get involved.


Champion responsive parenting in Guatemala...

…through the Come Play With Me/Juega Conmigo program. Imagine the feeling of empowering parents and caregivers of young children in predominantly indigenous communities with evidence-based programming, such as parenting techniques like talking and reading to babies and toddlers. You can make a difference in the lives of future generations of children — today!

Be there when disaster strikes...

…when children most acutely need your help. You provide what children in underserved areas around the world need the most after a disaster or event – a sense of normalcy. This includes essentials like water, sanitation and hygiene supplies, food/non-food relief and educational materials.

Participate in a Vision Tour...

…an immersive experience for our supporters to meet the children and families who benefit from ChildFund programs, and learn about community needs and the challenges these children have faced since birth. You will witness first-hand and be inspired by our shared mission through a rich, cultural and life-changing experience.

Provide and transport necessities and supplies...

…such as medical, school/education supplies and clothing to children, families and communities in need through the Gifts in Kind (GIK) fund. Contact us for details on our current initiatives.

Create your vision of a better world for children...

Please contact us so we can partner with you on a special way to make an impact that you may envision. We would love to know more about your ideas and goals for future generations of those who are underserved around the world.

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Areas of Support

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